The 100 Day Project

What started off as a hobby and passion project has grown 
to over 500 illustrations and nearly 6 years of consecutive art making.

100 day project evolution

2020 Project

My current project focuses on creating interactive artwork; with most illustrations accompanied by a matching worksheet.

2019 Project

Although I didn't have a concrete project theme in 2019, I believe this was the year I really fortified my voice and style as an artist.
I combined introspective images with thoughtful writing and created multi-panel comics. Fun fact: This 100 day project took me 365 days to complete. I learned that it's ok to take your time when it's needed.

2018 Project

I collaborated with my talented enneagram teachers at Upbuild to come up with 100 Days of the Illustrated Enneagram.
This project was not only highly structured, but backed up with research and thought.
Fun fact: My Instagram audience grew from 4,000 to 28,000 followers during this project.

2017 Project

This was the year I decided to focus on typography and lettering. What was once a rusty skill became a new skillset for me.
Fun fact: all the quotes in these images are written by me – I had a lot of fun including writing within my art.

2016 Project

What began as an exploration into my own personal vulnerabilities has remained one of my most impactful projects.
The Obscure Emotion series really helped me to find my style and voice as an artist. Since then it has taken on a life of its own and become a book, an art exhibit, and even a deck of coaching cards. Fun fact: strawberry red became my new favorite color after completing this series.

2015 Project

This little-known series, 100 Days of Mapping My Thoughts, is where it all began. It's where I discovered the power of creative discipline. It's where I fell in love with watercolor. And it's only after this project that I committed to myself I would continue doing these 100 day projects each year as long as possible. Fun fact: this multidisciplinary project included painting, sewing, oil pastel, and collaging.