a little bit about me

Rukmini Poddar is an artist, designer, and educator. Her creative passion lies at the intersection of emotional wellness and creative storytelling.

She is also a self-proclaimed 100dayproject artist and author of the book, 100 Obscure Emotions

She believes what is most personal is most universal. The sooner we realize how alike we are, the more we can create a culture of empathy and personalism. She draws regularly and posts on her Instagram: @rockinruksi

I affectionately call myself an "essence seeker" because I try to search for simple, deep truths hidden within everyday life.

I'm inspired by complexity and human emotion. I love translating things that are otherwise hard to understand into an image. I love the enneagram and understanding human personality. I'm deeply inspired by nature and the lessons She teaches. I enjoy reading books on mindfulness and spirituality and I try take a notebook wherever I go because I never know what may inspire me.

Below are a list of 10 lessons I keep close to my heart when creating art. These values drive my creative process.

NYC Gallery Exhibitions

Showcasing my Obscure Emotions and my Dear Ruksi Project

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