Interested in joining me for a 90 minute creativity workshop?

Join me for an online art session on zoom. We will get back in touch with our creativity and learn to express our emotions through art. 

No prior creative experience is required. All you need is a curious mind and a handful of coloring and art supplies. Each session is $15 

New Art Sessions

Art supplies needed: paper, pens/pencil, something to color with (watercolors recommended). Most importantly: an open mind and heart.

Saturday, December 18

12pm EST, 9am PST, 5pm GMT

Where is the line between self improvement and self acceptance? In a culture where we think "more" means "better" we can easily forget what it means to be truly at home with ourself and learn to accept all parts of ourself. Register here

Monday, December 27

Explore what our breath and bodies have to tell us about our emotions. Spend time reconnecting to the quality of our breathing and learn to translate that onto the paper. We will also make our own "body maps". Register here

Sunday, December 26

As we draw close to the end of 2021, some of us may sign in relief. But the truth is, there is so much to look back on and process about this past year.

In this 90-minute workshop, we will create our own "emotional timelines" and also reflect on the past year and draw all the things we want to let go, and also what we want to continue holding onto for the new year. Register here

Testimonials by previous students

Rukmini managed to establish a totally inviting atmosphere in a group of complete strangers. I immediately felt comfortable and was able to show myself openly and vulnerable. The combination of body therapy (breath) elements as an introduction to the session was very positive from my perspective. The scope of the session "where creativity & emotions meet" was 100% fulfilled." –Christine

I joined this session when I was going through a particularly difficult time and it provided me with a relaxing, creative way of processing my emotions. Rukmini held space for the group in an open and non-judgmental way, and the short time slot also made it accessible and light. I'll definitely be joining another one in the future. –Jessica

I am very happy to have attended Rukmini's art session. She was very empathetic, open minded and encouraging. She helped me get over my inner critic for that duration and I was able to paint freely. –Bindu

The exercises are wonderfully designed to support engaging with one's own creativity, and Rukmini's kind and compassionate teaching style made this such a unique and enjoyable experience. After a long bout of feeling creatively blocked, I felt so happy to be reacquainted with my creative self after the session. Thanks, Rukmini! –Aarthi

Although I was a little nervous at first she created a really warm and friendly environment that put me at ease. The worksheets she provided for us to work from were really creative and allowed us freedom in our art, and it was super relaxing to sit for a while working on something alongside other people. I even enjoyed sharing my work at the end! –Laurel

Rukmini does an amazing job of creating a calm, inviting space from the e-mails before the session to the mindfulness at the outset to her genuine responses to the art that is shared. There is never even a hint of expectation in the session, simply an invitation to engage with whatever materials we may have with us to explore ourselves more deeply. –Jessica H