100 Obscure Emotions

What first began as a personal 100 day art project later evolved into a book, merchandise, an art exhibition and much more

Obscure Emotions

Obscure Emotion is a phrase I coined in the summer of 2016.  It is an emotion we feel deeply but cannot yet articulate or understand. The purpose of this project was purely personal: to draw my own unseen and complex emotions in the most simple way possible.

What began as a personal project soon took on a life of its own and I began to understand the power of shared vulnerability. By talking about emotions in an approachable way, I was able to create a space for people to share their own stories and heal themselves though art.

The Project Continues...

It's been an honor to see this project take on a life of its own and develop into a book, an exhibition and even coaching cards. It has set the tone of my creative career and helped me realize that I want to create work that facilitates dialogue on emotional wellness and inspires us to slow down and examine our own internal life.

Gallery of Obscure Emotions