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Limited Quantity: Obscure Emotion Cards (Pre-Order)
Limited Quantity: Obscure Emotion Cards (Pre-Order)

Limited Quantity: Obscure Emotion Cards (Pre-Order)

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Now accepting pre-orders!

These cards have been in the making for years. Ever since I started my Obscure Emotions series in 2016, I had envisioned the illustrations being used as conversation starters, therapy cards, coaching tools and so much more. 

Purpose of this card deck:
-to evoke emotional introspection
-to be used as conversation starters
-to create dialogue about unspoken feelings
-to be a useful resource for therapists, teachers, coaches and more
-to be an inspiring visual aid for anyone looking to understand themselves deeper

Details of the cards are below:
-includes 50 illustrated cards (2.75"x4.27")
-each illustration corresponds with a matching obscure emotion 
-a matching PDF will be sent to everyone who buys this card deck that helps to explain each illustration and give insight to what it means
-all images are inspired by true stories and letters people have written to me over the years!

So when will the cards come to you?
Good question!
I'm currently locally printing only 20 copies of these cards as a prototype. The actual cards should be produced and mailed to me by the end of this month. So likely I will ship them out by the first week of June. 

Size: 2.75 x 4.75 inches (tarot card size)
Weight: 5.5 oz